March 22nd, 2019

Fun fact, the room drawn in this strip is based on my real office at my last job. And just as Cam describes, it had no windows and made some prison cells seem almost spacious. Though we didn’t have a potted plant, and they crammed THREE people into the office instead of just two.

Couple that with no access to the Internet and no personal electronics or mobile phones allowed (any of which could make the work day a little more tolerable), and it was kind of like working in a prison cell. A prison cell you can walk out of to get lunch or take a break once in a while, true, but the fact was your job still obligated you to spend most of the day there… with nothing for entertainment but a radio that could pick up maybe five crappy stations or watching CNN and Fox News streamed from the office intranet. It was like Hell’s waiting room… 😈