Daniel “Dan” Sandoval

The RPG nerd. The group’s GM and the only one who’s married with children, Dan works as an IT manager at the defense firm Boone-Doggell Dynamics. He’s also the oldest and arguably the most “grown-up” of the bunch. His booksmarts may pale slightly compared to some of the others, but he has a great deal of common sense… a quality that sometimes elude his friends, to his constant frustration.

Cameron “Cam” Godwin

The video game nerd. The resident smart-ass and self-proclaimed voluntarist, Cam is the most socially outgoing of the group. He holds a master’s degree in chemistry, yet makes a living by working as a bartender and part-time pizza delivery driver. He explains this gives him the freedom in not having to censor himself and to live life on his own terms, things the average corporate job typically make impossible. His dog Heinlein, a Welsh Corgi, is the group’s unofficial mascot.

Ashton “Ash” Einarson

The science nerd. Born in Iceland, Ash moved to Alaska as a child and has been friends with Dan and Cam since grade school. The most bookish of the group, he works as a physicist at Boone-Doggell Dynamics. Somewhat of an “absent-minded professor”, Ash will spend days on end on a pet project while spacing out everything else (social obligations, paying bills, eating, etc.). He stands out most from his friends by his shyness in public, peculiar habits, and obliviousness to social norms and expectations.

Jennifer “Jen” Levi

The fantasy nerd. A relatively recent addition to the group, Jen moved to Alaska after college to work as an aerospace engineer at Boone-Doggell Dynamics. Her normally sunny disposition is often at odds with her impatience and sarcasm when she has to deal with the stupidity of others. She’s a big-time animal lover, a hardcore Tolkein fan, and possesses an embarrassingly large collection of fantasy novels and Elfquest comics.

Peter “Pete” Bakunin

The computer nerd. The youngest and newest addition to the group, Pete and his family immigrated from Russia when he was 13 and lived in rural Alaska up until he left for college. A computer & electrical engineering student, he also works part-time for Geek Legion at the local “Buy NOW!” electronics super-store. He is the most naive and gullible of the group, but also the most eager and energetic… at least when his face isn’t buried in his phone.