March 2nd, 2018


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


At my last ‘real job’, the company cafeteria generally had ‘OK’ food… not bad, not great, just average. But one of the things I never touched was the hot dogs…. those were some of the saddest, most unappetizing looking hot dogs I’ve ever seen. And I think the nasty hot dog water they were soaking in was a big part of it. Either they never changed the water or the hot dogs were so nasty they fouled up the water in mere hours. So the ‘cafeteria hot dog water’ was a bit of a running joke at the office, with half-hearted dares made challenging others to actually eat a hot dog… or worse, to drink the hot dog water itself. To my knowledge, no one did the latter. Probably for the best; it was so questionable looking it would either make one seriously sick or give one mutagenic super powers. And lame super-powers, like skunk stink-glands or the ability to talk to slugs. 😕