June 30th, 2017

(My knowledge of Spanish is largely limited to Mexican and Cuban food, so if I goofed a bit on the translation in the last panel it wouldn’t be a surprise at all 😉 )


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


In keeping with character, Ash wouldn’t be one to frivolously spend money on expensive cars and ‘status symbol’ purchases. And while he works for a dysfunctional defense contractor, getting to work with very expensive and cutting-edge equipment and instruments would be sufficient incentive keep him at his job for a while. As for myself, I would like to think if I came into a crap-ton of money I wouldn’t change much in the way of my possessions or spending. But staying at my old jobs?… no way. I worked with some cool people and interesting projects, but after the first few years the only thing keeping me at those jobs was the need to pay the bills. Once my basic money needs and living expenses are met, I value having more free time FAR more than having just “more money”…

… Oh and yes, having a TARDIS storage shed is totally on my bucket list.