June 23rd, 2017

(Funny that it’s just a little more than a year since I first published this strip, and it’s ALREADY a little dated because of the crazy Bitcoin price moves… both up AND down.).


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


In this strip I’m poking a little fun at myself, actually. It’s rare for me to splurge even when I’m flush with cash, I tend to buy generic versions of many things, and I don’t care if the car I drive looks like a borderline POS (as long as it works I’m good with it). I just usually prefer to save money so I can use it for the big things, like long-term saving or travel. The downside of this trait was that it didn’t exactly bring the ladies flocking to my doorstep… I’m not cheap on dates by any means, it’s just that too many women judge a guy by whether he drives a fancy car or owns a big house. The upsides of this trait was that it drove away the gold-diggers, as well as allowed me to get enough financial freedom to quit my corporate job and do things like drawing silly comic strips. 🙂