September 26th, 2017

After an extraordinarily long download (Mongolian DSL is very cheap, but hey ultimately you get what you pay for right?), I now have the new XCOM 2 expansion, “War of the Chosen”. For those who have been lamenting the brief hiatus in XCOM-ic strips, the wait for this expansion and my tentative plans to incorporate some of the new content into the parody comic are the reason why. While I haven’t seen anything that would change any of the story ideas I already had brewing, admittedly I’m still early in the game so there’s still the possibility I might change up a few comic strip ideas before I publish them (I hate the idea of having to retcon old material). At any rate, now that at least I have a sense of the scope of the expansion I feel more comfortable continuing with a few of my existing ideas for the XCOM-ic storyline. And what I’ve seen of the expansion thus far has given me some new ideas already that I’m eager to put into future strips.

On a related note, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the format from one comic strip per week (alternating between NBNW and XCOM-ic strips) to TWO comic strips per week… a Nerd By Northwest strip published every Friday and a XCOM-ic strip published every Tuesday or Wednesday. While it’s something I would really like to pursue, I admit it’s hard to justify the extra time spent for what’s so far a hobby and labor of love. So I’ve been thinking it’s time to start monetizing this thing, because of the several business & hobby projects I have going it’s the one I enjoy the most. Perhaps its due time to set up a Patreon program, options for making one-time donations, and/or advertising on the site? So I ask you, dear reader, if you enjoy my webcomics then please go to the contact page and tell me what you think of these ideas (or offer any ideas of your own) to make this endeavor a larger, more self-sustaining webcomic site. Thanks!