Welcome to the new version of NerdByNorthwest.com! I’ve completed the site’s long-postponed transition to WordPress, which is going to enable a lot more functionality than the old website designer I previously used with my hosting provider. I will continue to update and tweak the site regularly over the next several weeks to streamline the site and add new functionality, but this is more or less the new look going forward. Yeah I should have migrated sooner, but time is finite and I had an existing contract I’d already paid for.

The new layout and navigation of the site should be fairly intuitive, but a quick summary is as follows:

  • You can use the Navigation Toolbar below the logo and main menu bar to navigate through the comics (the most recent will always be displayed on the home page). Or you can also use the drop-down selector in the right sidebar titled “Comic List” to jump directly to a specific comic.
  • Both ‘Nerd By Northwest’ and ‘XCOM-ic’ webcomics are assigned different “chapters” (titled ‘Nerd By Northwest’ and ‘XCOM-ic’, respectively) and are archived accordingly. You can access the separate comics in either the main menu bar (“NBNW Comic Archive” and “XCOM-ic Archive”) or from the drop-down selector titled “Select Chapter” in the navigation bar.
  • Blog posts, movie reviews, travel posts, and most other non-webcomic content is shown in the blog section below the featured comic on the main page. The sidebar will also display the most recent posts, and all posts will be assigned a category (“Travel Posts” for example) to help find specific content.

Thanks go out to: 1) “Frumph” whom provided the extremely helpful ComicPress theme and ComicEasel Plugin that I’m using, 2) Nicole Sauce of Living Free in Tennessee who provided initial advice on WordPress options, and 3) all my regular readers who keep me interested in this crazy endeavor!