July 10th, 2018

The cartoonist is on vacation!

I will be on vacation in the wilderness of Mongolia until July 17th, far away from the nearest cell tower and internet access (I can handle it better than Pete… maybe). So the next comic will be posted four days later on the 17th instead of the usual Friday. Hey, you want to get closer with nature, sometimes you gotta make some compromises  🙂

UPDATE, 7/17: Heck with it, I’m calling this a REAL vacation and pushing back the next comic for Friday the 20th instead. That’ll give me a couple days to get some stuff in order…. like cleaning out the back of our car where my wife’s big bottle of airag (fermented mare’s milk) exploded on the last day of our trip. (No amount of air fresheners in the world can put a dent in THAT funk…)