November 28th, 2018

Good news! I have started posting the Nerd By Northwest comics up on the Steem-blockchain social networking site, Steemit. I’m putting them up in order of publication (mostly) every weekday until caught up to the present. Once caught up, I will probably be posting the current webcomics one or two days after being published here (so you faithful readers still get to see them here first!).

My comics are posted under the ‘webcomic’ Steemit tag, or you can find them by looking up my Steem username, ‘northwestnomad’. So if you’re already a Steemit user, look me up and give me some votes while you can relive the oldies but goodies! So far my webcomics have consistently made the ‘Trending’ and ‘Hot’ categories in the webcomic tag, and with your help I can grow this webcomic’s readership and just maybe help pay the rent! 😉