April 24th, 2019


The whole idea of robot girlfriends/boyfriends is something that most people laugh at and dismiss as absurd, but I have the hunch that they will be a big trend at some point in the next decade. The way I figure it, the massive number of unmarried men in China ALONE is going to drive this to be a reality. And from there it would almost certainly spread and gain traction elsewhere.

Once that happens, I bet there’s going to be some crazy Darwinian natural selection forces at work. Sure it may result in a significant population crash over time with resulting serious economic and social upheaval. But it also may result in a large number of men and women with severe character flaws either getting their act together and working on their personality, or being effectively removed from the gene pool.

What can I say, I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy… 😀