June 2nd, 2017


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


Some might think those folks at your local tech repair center would NEVER browse your personal photos. Yeah ok, go tell yourself that if it helps you sleep at night 😉

If you are wondering about me, no I did not go through peoples’ personal files back in my brief summer working in Geek Squad. I had principles, though I admittedly find many people irritating (such an ideal match for a retail job, right?) and thus have little interest in knowing more about them. There was at least one tech, however, that I heard had amassed sizeable porn collections from computers dropped off for repair, and there were a couple others that seemed to be the type to do that as well.

So then one would think that meant I never saw porn on a customers computer, but that isn’t the case. I can sum it up in one word… “screensaver” (or is that two words?). While setting up a batch of PC’s for diagnostics and scans, one guy’s computer kicked in a screensaver that cycled randomly through his family photos… AND his porn collection. I don’t know how long that screensaver had been running before I noticed it (10-15 minutes maybe?), but the screen was visible from one end of the store. I wiggled the mouse to stop it, but then had to go help a customer. And of course the screensaver popped back on after several minutes. So we were giving a free porn show for those near the Geek Squad counter until I finally had the opportunity to turn the screensaver off for good. That’s embarrassing, but that isn’t the worst part. The worst part was that some of the porn looked to be of his girlfriend or wife, based off the regular family photos it cycled through. All I will say further is a douchebag like that who doesn’t secure his girlfriend’s/wife’s nude photos doesn’t deserve a woman that hot 😉