November 16th, 2018


One might wonder why Cam chose to refer to President Trump as “Cheeto Mussolini” when there are so many other more popular nicknames for him. First, I find a lot of the other names are intended to be more hurtful than funny, and don’t really describe his apparent nature very well. Second, I find the reference to Mussolini to be the most descriptive about him. Put simply, his actions define him as a hyper-nationalist, opportunistic authoritarian full of aggressive bluster who likes using state power and influence to promote his economic interests and agenda.

Now I’m just describing his METHODS, not his specific goals or motives… I don’t know if anyone besides him really knows his ultimate intentions, which may be good, bad, or a mix of the two (depending on your perspective). But his methods seem clear enough, and even if his intentions are good I see the methods used as steering the USA down a dangerous road.

To be fair though, most of his political opponents in 2016 were at their core very authoritarian and opportunistic as well; they were just more subtle about it with a more polite facade. 😒