July 20th, 2018


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


On the Crow Pass Trail in Alaska, right around the halfway mark hikers have to cross Eagle River. The river is freakin’ cold (being fed from the glacier and snow-pack in the nearby mountains), and is typically between knee and groin level (BRRRR!!! 😬). My friends and I typically crossed the river then set up camp on the other side to give time for clothes and shoes to dry. It’s not particularly difficult to cross (at least at the designated crossing point), just uncomfortable, cold, and slow. For those inclined to try this hike, the best way to cross the river involve a good hiking stick for additional stability, linking arms with your hiking partners, and a pair of aquasocks/watershoes or junk shoes to wear during the crossing. Speaking from personal experience, even if you get your shoes dried out overnight they might shrink a bit. Combine that with slightly swollen feet from a long hike, getting those shoes on in the morning can be awkward.

As for the carrying bag Cam is using for his dog Heinlein in the strip, if one has a small dog on that hike it would be a great thing to have. I’ve seen a number of hikers cross with large dogs who can swim across on their own, but never personally saw anyone cross with a small dog. You want your hands free for balance (whether using a large stick or linking arms), and having your arm(s) tied up holding your dog is a recipe for a cold bath… 😨