June 22nd, 2018


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


In my late teens and my 20’s, I was exactly like Pete. I could put away food like there was no tomorrow, and my tendency was to view buffets as a challenge (gotta get the most for your money especially when you’re a struggling student). I can still do that today, only my body ends up making me pay for it a lot more now than it used to. So between that and the desire to keep in some semblance of decent shape as I get older, nowadays I tend to practice restraint. With three exceptions…. good sushi buffets (good ones aren’t always easy to find), Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday dinners, and Brazilian steakhouses. I always look forward to my long visits back to the USA, and no small part of that is the opportunity to indulge in all three of these things. Is it any wonder I usually fly back to Asia 5-10 pounds heavier? 😕