June 9th, 2018


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


Here I’m really making fun of corporate culture and shortsightedness more than trying to make any particular political statement. I always found it telling that the companies I worked for often made stunningly short-sighted decisions, especially with hiring.

When I was leaving one job we had a young lady in another department who we were gearing to take my place. We and our manager knew she could do the job and she had relevant experience (both as military and a contractor), yet the company H.R. wouldn’t approve her on the basis she didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. End result, she took off for a better opportunity and the company ended up having to spend a lot more money by bringing in high-cost remote employees to fill the positions temporarily. All because a few chowder-heads in the company were so hidebound they couldn’t get past a checkbox they arbitrarily created in the first place. Do I need to say again how much more I enjoy working for myself? 😉