March 23rd, 2018


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


So yeah, I’m poking a little fun at those assumptions that the (US) government is the puppet-master behind massive, complex, and sinister plots. While there is a lot of bad plots and activities going down, IMO it’s more due to the dysfunctional system and the various factions within it trying to appease their power bases than the actions of a single, sinister Illuminati-like authority (CGP Grey’s “Rules for Rulers” on Youtube probably comes the closest to the way I currently see politics and government). My own experience in working with government is that it’s a lot like an extremely selfish 4-year-old… its primary motivations are 1) to avoid blame and accountability, 2) to make itself bigger and steer more goodies its way, and 3) to boss people around and make demands. Now give that 4-year-old a flamethrower, and you have the US government! 😏