December 29th, 2017


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


I created this strip back near the end of 2017, when the sexual harassment scandals and #MeToo movement was in full force. I certainly found the number of credible accusations and scandals upsetting and am happy those finally saw the light of day, but I couldn’t help but notice the insane level to which the media (TV media in particular) was stirring things up and making this into something less helpful and more destructive. Triggering emotional reactions like fear, anger, and outrage has become something TV news programming indulges in and excels at. And this case was no exception, as some TV and cable news shows were clearly more interested in stoking fear and controversy than proper journalism. I suspect many producers simply saw the women in these cases as cash-cows and tools for higher ratings, and little else.

But moving on to a completely unrelated and happier note, weren’t couch cushion forts just awesome when we were kids? It’s a damn shame so many couches made these days don’t have removable cushions… it’s really depriving the current generation of kids if you ask me. You want your kids to spend less time on their electronics when it’s too cold outside to play? Three simple words: Couch. Cushion. Forts. 🙂