October 20th, 2017


Cartoonist’s Commentary:


As someone with a degree in aerospace engineering but whose “engineering” jobs after college involved more IT work and paperwork and not enough engineering, Kerbal Space Program was a godsend. Even though it’s just a game, it really provided an outlet for those interests that my jobs didn’t really address. I’m sure I’ve spent more time on that game than any other, and that includes some of my all time favorites like XCOM (the original and the reboot) and Don’t Starve. And since the webcomic has Jen working as an aerospace engineer, I had her character mirror my own obsession with the game.

It’s been close to a year since I last played Kerbal Space Program. Despite some cool-looking updates and new content available for it, at this point I don’t dare start playing again… I have too much work to do right now (my comics included) to risk getting sucked back into that game. 😉