One of the things I found irritating over the past couple years has been how most of Trump’s opposition have been putting the FBI, the intelligence agencies, and former senior government officials on a pedestal. Usually spouting off that “how dare he criticize our hardworking men and women in the FBI and intelligence agencies!” and what not, just because they’re often at odds with Trump.

For one, there’s a huge difference between the rank-and-file in said agencies (who usually ARE decent people trying to do what they think as right), and the senior leadership of said agencies who lie, pursue selfish agendas, and deceive the American public whenever it suits them (isn’t that right, James Clapper?). And second, it strikes me as extremely foolish to suddenly embrace the same kind of people that were demonstrated to be untrustworthy during the George W. Bush administration.

I don’t have to like Trump (and I don’t) to recognize much of his opposition appears not to be thinking all too clearly… 🙄